Why Clinical Research Studies are important?

Clinical research studies are important in order to provide advancements in medicine in our country.  

Participants who volunteer for research studies are providing a valuable insight into how new medicines will work for the general population.

At Laguna Clinical Research, volunteers from Laredo and the surrounding area contributed significantly to the development of the Moderna Vaccine by participating in the Covid vaccine study.   The representation of participants at Laguna Research contributed to the vaccine being approved quickly for Emergency Use Authorization so the general public was able to gain access to the vaccine.

There are countless other medications and screening tools that need to be developed and studied across a variety of patient populations.    While patient participation is important to the development of medications, patients also benefit by potentially receiving novel therapies at no cost, having access to physician care as part of the study, and receiving compensation for their time invested in study visits and activities.

If you are interested in being a part of a clinical study at Laguna Research, please contact us today!

Academic Centers and Laguna’s Model Compared

University of Pennsylvania Clinical Research Center

Laguna Clinical Research Associates, LLC

Mission of Laguna Clinical Research Associates, LLC


Mission in 2018/2019:

Service through multidisciplinary research studies to include minority and underserved population in Laredo and surrounding cities (including Eagle Pass) and even out disparities in research


Mission in 2021:

Expand upon mission, by extending clinical research sites to other underserved and minority communities with standards of excellence; Laguna currently has approximately 10 active studies including Moderna, and is ready to expand its mission now that the site is well-established

Phases of Clinical Trials

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Pre-Clinical Studies

Cell studies or Animal Studies- not humans


Phase I

Maximum tolerability: many visits and lab testing


Phase II

Tolerability and efficacy as well as safety


Phase III

Efficacy and continued safety and tolerability: compared to standard of care


Phase IV

Post FDA approval studies evaluating continued safety, efficacy, and drug-drug interactions

Our Benefits:


Benefits of Clinical Trial Participation for Patients


Benefits of Participation in Clinical Research for a Physician